Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama's speech

Of course I didn't watch it, but Stephen Green did, fortified by constant doses of alcohol. Check out his drunkbloggoing here.


Jonah said...

I'm calling him out on his "drunkblogging."

There is not one link to an Iron Maiden song.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Barry's op-ed in Pravda:

Russian People, Mr. Putin, why do you let this tin-pot Arab dictator dictate terms to the US of A? This is beyond the Pale. Assad makes me very angry, he or you are constantly in my face presence. But I will not allow myself to feel the insult as I am superior to him and Congress, or any other living being, even Allah himself. But I digress.

Did you not understand the plan we agreed upon last time we met, you know, when I described you as looking like a bored school kid? I think maybe you were not listening to my plan for me to avoid public embarassement over this issue.

Anyway, let's go with your plan and just keep the microphones away. I told you I would have more flexibility after I was re-elected. Now I can kiss your arse while you are behind me. BTW Let go of my balls; I have no use for them but Michelle seems to enjoy them.