Friday, September 20, 2013

The irony of it all

The working class poor are the ones presently getting hammered the hardest by ObamaCare, Ted Cruz wants to do something about it, and all the media and the Republican establishment can do is fault his tactics.

My view is this: if ObamaCare is, as I believe, the worst piece of legislation written in my lifetime - a socialist wrench tossed into the machinery of a free society, an idiotic and staggeringly costly program that will ultimately wind up giving us something along the lines of Britain’s disastrous National Health Service, the wedge by which a free people are ultimately to be parted from their liberty in what is arguably the most important realm of their private lives – then shutting down the government temporarily might be the only way to bring the Democrats to the negotiating table and force the realists in the party (there must be some) to work with the Republicans to devise something intelligent and workable that is consistent with individual freedom. We’re not talking here about a mere pork barrel issue: this legislation fundamentally redefines the relationship between the citizen and the state, to the detriment of the former, and if the state cannot be brought to heel through the normal process because of the partisanship (or the apathy) of its elected representatives, and the expansionist zeal of its bureaucrats, then, by all means, shut it down by any legal means necessary. This nation is not inextricably bound to a deterministic interpretation of legislation that posits the immutability of whatever absurd and deleterious laws a bunch of ignorant, overreaching fatheads contrives to pass in what typically is (and certainly was, in this instance) a very transitory moment of power. We, the people, do not exist for the purpose of serving as lab rats in the experiments of ideological projectors, nor are we obligated to stand by interminably, bearing the weight of crushing costs, while these self-styled social scientists futilely attempt to transform excrement into its palatable antecedents.

I don’t know when government of, by and for the people became government without, in spite of and against the people, but to continue in this vein is madness. If it comes to such a pass –and it yet may not – then it is better to shut the government down now rather than have to tear it down later.

And I daresay that most of us, Congressman Moran, are not moved by frenzied appeals to caress the boot that lies so heavily on our collective neck.


Michael Lonie said...

Don't hold back Paco, tell us what you really think.

On the other hand, maybe you shouldn't. It would not do to post a string of profanity on this fine website.

The risk with trying to defund Obamacare by threatening to shut down the government's operations is that the 47 percent people will blame the Packs when their welfare checks fail to arrive and their food stamp cards don't work and vote against them next year (as happened in the 90s). There is little enough chance of anything sensible being done as it is, with a House dominated by Speaker Nancy "We must pass the bill to find out what's in it" Pelosi there would be none.

That's not to say that this risk should not be taken. DEsperate times call for desperate measures. Cruz is a pro politician and I am not; perhaps his estimate of how to do this deed is accurate. But the people pointing out the risks are pro pols too. Even Stopped Clock Karl Rove might be correct sometimes.

I fully agree with your assessment of the situation the country is in. The People put us there by voting to elect and then reelect this hampster and his gormless consiglieri. Sic transit gloria respublicae.

Bob Belvedere said...

...might be the only way to bring the Democrats to the negotiating table and force the realists in the party (there must be some)....

There are none left, Paco, because they've all gone Left.

The trouble is, all of the GOP leadership in the House and in the Senate have decided that being Quislings is their occupation.

For further reading, may I recommend Jeff Goldstein's post here:

Anonymous said...

Well, so recently elected Republicans have forced Boehner to present a bill that de-funds Obamacare but funds the rest of the government.

He certainly didn't want to do things that way. He, like his party elite, just wanted to kick the can down the road and have citizens 'trust' them to do something about Obamacare later on, maybe, kinda half-way, some time in the future, perhaps.

The fatal flaw with that plan was that Establishment Republicans had simply squandered public trust a long time ago.

Boehner and various decrepit loud mouthed Republican Senators were for attacking Syria. For Amnesty, For raising the Debt Ceiling. And on and on. Little Obamas all.

So, the game is afoot. I hope establishment Republicans and their associated media & bloggers do not throw the game out of some sort of short sighted spite. Unfortunately, I think there's a very good chance of that happening knowing the vindictiveness of these people.

On the plus side, Boehner will have to stand behind this bill at all costs if he wants to get elected again. His district is very unhappy with him and his many Obama-like public positions. He's got to show some back bone if he wants to beat the dog catcher in the next election.

JeffS said...

Michael, that is indeed a risk. On the other hand, the conservatives get blamed for everything else. Why not embrace the suck, and play the role?

Paco said...

Jeff: Exactly. Frankly, I want to bring things to a head and see whether or not we, as a nation, are toast. Better to find out now rather than later.

Spiny Norman said... idiotic and staggeringly costly program that will ultimately wind up giving us something along the lines of Britain’s disastrous National Health Service

Obamacare being a "wrench" thrown into the system, grinding everything to a halt, is completely deliberate: this monstrosity was never meant to work as it was sold, but is working "as intended". As you may have guessed, it's sole purpose is to piss everyone off so thoroughly that we will ALL demand government single-payer system. Defunding it now may slow it down enough that it can be undone, but I'll believe it when I see it. There needs to be a lot more DC barnacles voted out of office before the damage can be repaired.

As an aside, I have an answer to the smug Democrats who like to tout, "The American people wanted it, Congress enacted it, the President signed it into law, and the Supreme Court upheld it. It is the Law of the Land, so get over it!"

So was Prohibition.

RebeccaH said...

Boehner has already said he's considering retiring at the end of his term. If that's true, then he has nothing to lose by going along to get along with the Obamabots.

Spiny Norman said...

Nothing to gain either.

Unless he has a job offer waiting...