Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The tedious asininity of John McCain

John McCain is now just making stuff up (“the Free Syrian Army is viable, it’s strong, and it’s moderate”). But why? Is he simply an idiot, or is he playing what he takes to be some deeper game? (I acknowledge that there’s no reason both explanations can’t be true).

And I see that John Boehner is now willing to help out in what is rapidly becoming nothing more than a face-saving exercise for His Serene Ineptitude, Preshizzle and Demander in Chief, Barack Obama. And, of course, next week Obama will be back to damning Republican obstructionism, and Boehner, having received nothing in return for his agreement to make the GOP complicit in the absurdity of the Syrian adventure, will be laboring behind the scenes to shove an amnesty bill down our throats (tell it, Matt!).

Elsewhere, the rotational program between “journalism” and the Obama administration continues apace.

Also elsewhere, anybody connected with the spreading of the ridiculous “The video made them do it!” story should be barred from holding elective office (that’s right, Cankles, I’m lookin’ at you).

Oh, for retirement, and my own private berm, and the therapeutic planting of lead in sand!


That's not a flamethrower...

That's a flamethrower!


JeffS said...

And he can't even pretend to care about screwing up America.

RebeccaH said...

I think Ace has got our foreign policy down pat.

Steve Skubinna said...

Is it McCain's goal to demonstrate that politics is a viable alternative to living in an asylum?

When is he going to start appearing in ads for Thorazine?

bruce said...

"moderate"? In the Middle East? And he doesn't think that claim requires any further explanation?

Senator, you need to retire, then you can play poker all day.