Thursday, September 5, 2013

The whiff is gone

I have previously cited Belloc’s famous line that civilization is “living on a whiff from an empty bottle”. We seem to be getting closer and closer to the time when we will even have lost that:
Nicole Zanlith, a Danish citizen, was waiting for a taxi in the Spanish town of Marbella. A group of North African Muslim immigrants attacked her for the fun of it. They slashed her face with a broken vodka bottle causing permanent blindness in her right eye.
And in France, Muslim immigrants seem to be responsible for, er, a “slightly” disproportionate amount of crime (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Immigration only works when (a) the immigrants are willing to assimilate, or at least accommodate themselves to, the cultural norms of their host country, and (b) the host country actually has cultural norms it deems worthy of upholding. Our own cultural relativists might want to bear this in mind.


rinardman said...

The liberals are right. The world just needs more tolerance. Tolerance. Tolerance. And more tolerance.

And then...sweetness and light!

Jonah,world history expert said...

Spain is basically North Africa isn't it? It ain't Denmark.

Having said that, yeah Islamic countries are shitholes. Always have been.