Tuesday, October 15, 2013


You can still see Mt. Rushmore during the government shutdown, but there's a catch.

Why can't Michelle Obama harvest her own damn vegetables?

Swampy has a few, er, mild criticisms of the man she has dubbed the "Halfrican Queen".

The Classical Liberal has some interesting thoughts on the government shutdown (decorated with alluring photos of Katherine McPhee).

Sultan Knish defends Christopher Columbus - and America - from the spitballs of the politically correct (H/T: Miss Red).

The quality of journalism seems to be in decline everywhere.

If you're an impatient driver, you might want to make an effort to calm down; you never know when you're going to annoy a cyclist who has a blog.

Democratic congressman threatens to fight for ObamaCare - even after he's dead (H/T: 36 Chambers).

Barbara Boxer - who enjoys a prominent place on almost everybody's top five list of Stupidest Senators - further bolsters her moronic legacy by comparing Republicans to domestic abusers.


bruce said...

My wife's mother, from the West Indies like Colin Powell, used to say:

"They ass too fat". It works right across the spectrum.

Veeshir said...

Dumb as box of Boxers isn't a saying for nothing.

Why should M'shel harvest the vegetables?
She's only eating them if they're battered and deep-fried.

Otherwise, to quote that most famous of Simpsons, they're just empty vitamins.

SwampWoman said...

Good grief. If she's too busy, she can always send Obama out to pick a pumpkin. It ain't like he's doing anything.

rinardman said...

Would it be raaaacist to suggest Moochelle get some illegals, to do the harvest?

Lord knows, her hubby is doing his best to make them available.

bruce said...

When the 'deadline' arrives, at worst the President will have to decide to cancel some payments so as to have funds (plentiful) to service the debt. Some may suffer, but it will not be a default.

So why the disinformation? Why all the donkeys hee-hawing in chorus?

rinardman said...

Sent the Canuck's view of Mt. Rushmore to my siblings.

One brother replied: "Looks like four Obamas, to me."

JeffS said...

Bruce, the Donks (and not a few Republicans) want to frighten people, as though default is a bad thing. Frighten people, as a group, are more easily stampeded into the corral.

Me, I think default is a good idea, as Uncle Sugar can't borrow any more money, legally speaking. The Feds have to live within their means, and not on credit, like most of the country has to.

Assuming, of course, that President Zero actually plans to follow the law. His score on that count is abysmal, and I wouldn't put it past him to declare all debts null and void by imperial decree.

Spiny Norman said...


There is no need for a "default" anyway. There's more than enough revenue to service the debt and cover maturing Treasury bonds. It's the funding for all the free shit they're handing out that's at risk.

No matter though, as of this morning, Dingy Harry and Weepy Boehner have agreed to kick the can down the road for a couple of months.

RebeccaH said...

I have to admit, Swampy's "Halfrican Queen and Princess Harry" are pretty good.

TimT said...

I was tickled to see a fox had apparently taken up residence in the White House garden. It'll be the giant wombats next.

You might recall a year or so ago Obama made some headlines: apparently he was taking up beer brewing at the White House again. Neato! But from watching the video on the White House website it appeared that, actually, he just thought it might be a fun thing for other people to do and him to take the credit for.

Yeah yeah. He presumably has a lot of other stuff to do, and former presidential brewers must have done the same thing with their extensive kitchen staff. But you think they'd actually make that explicit on their website, wouldn't you? And just how much brewing is POTUS going to do in retirement anyway?

Spiny Norman said...

I was tickled to see a fox had apparently taken up residence in the White House garden.

A what? Roger Ailes has spies everywhere.

Merilyn said...

SwampWoman, your article was excellent, well done.

kc said...

Swampie - ya done good, Woman!

This is not a country Of the People, By the People, and For the People...this one is Of the Tyrant, By the Bully, and For the Elite...only.

SwampWoman said...

Thenk yew, thenk yew (royal wave).

Oh, wait, the royal wave up D.C. is an upraised middle finger, ain't it? Guess I'll just do a regular ol' wave.