Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rep. Steve Cohen: totalitarian termite

Tennessee already has one unsightly blot on its escutcheon, and his name is Al Gore. Lamentably, it also sports another, in the person of Democratic congressman Steve Cohen, who has just referred to Tea Partiers as "domestic enemies".

That's right, the very citizens who support the principles on which this country was founded are now, in Cohen's twisted little brain, domestic enemies, apparently to be lumped in with home-grown jihadists, the Aryan Nation, and the mafia. Well, congressman, you are right in one sense: I am, indeed, your sworn enemy, and the sworn enemy of everything you and your party stand for: incremental liberal fascism, unlimited immigration, global warming alchemy, "free" stuff for the perennially feckless, racial preferences, the rewriting of cultural norms in accordance with the most neurotic and narcissistic elements of society, the pillaging of the middle class and the theft of our children's patrimony - the whole ball of wax, congressman, I despise and will implacably oppose to my dying day. You want my country? Come and take it, if you can.


JeffS said...

"Come and take it, if you can."


RebeccaH said...

Count me among congressman Cohen's domestic enemies. I'm old, and mostly frail, but I bite.

Michael Lonie said...

Lots of Democrats seem to be letting their inner commissars openly show lately. Jail Republicans because they disagree with the Dems on policies, arrest conservatives, throw Tea Partiers into camps. Yeah, these Dem "Progressives" are real liberals, all right.

There was a time when a liberal was one who believed in liberty. Those days are long past in the US of A. The socialists stole the word then debased it. Now they are running away from the stink they made of it, towards another word they also will make to stink in the nostrils of the body politic.

They love to call us racists, we who oppose the Obama Administration's policies that are wrecking the country. But to attribute opposition to ineffective, improvident, and wasteful policies to racist resentment of a black (or half-black) president is an assertion of such stunning stupidity that only the most moronic, most ignorant, and most ill-informed people would believe it. One need only think about it for a moment to see its fallacy. It makes the assumption that, if the president wasn't black, all those opposing his policies would be for them, if they were advocated by someone like, say, Joe Biden. The stupidity and malice of this aassumption is so obvious that it should prove permanently the bad faith of any Democrats or "liberal" media types who put it forward, which means all of them. They must know, being of at least reasonable intelligence and education, that they are peddling a lie.

During the Revolutionary period and its immediate aftermath, the patriots questioned themselves often if they had the virtue to maintain independence and a republican form of government. They believed that only a virtuous people were fit for self-government, and that if Americans did not hew to a virtuous life (both in the Christian sense and in the ancient Roman sense), liberty and independence would be lost. They were correct.

That was the reason many of them admired Marcus Porcius Cato the Younger, a man who, however unpleasant he might personally have been, fought against Caesar's tyranny to the end and, when he could fight no more, killed himself rather than submit to the tyrant.

Minicapt said...

He still wants to be the token white in the Congressional Black Congress.


richard mcenroe said...

Has he ever troubled to wear a uniform?

richard mcenroe said...

Cato (Cato of Utica)

Anonymous said...

Deborah .... Paco, please add me to the list of those who will fight the likes of Rep. Cohen and all they stand for til my last breath.

Michael, Leftists would revel should we take Cato's lead. I prefer the approach given in the famous monologue in the movie "Patton", in which Patton advises the troops to make 'the other poor bastards die for their country."

Michael Lonie said...

Well Deborah, Marcus Porcius tried, and only killed himself when all was lost. Too many of the Roman people were copacetic with a tyrant ruling them because a) he proposed to destroy the people they envied and b) promised to give them bread and circuses and c) the Julii Caeseres were just so cool they couldn't help but want Gaius Julius to be their very own tyrant; the Caesers were the Kennedys or Clintons of the Late Republic. Sound familiar?