Saturday, October 12, 2013

Well, what next Speaker Boehner, Representative Ryan?

Even the extremely weak tea offered by Republicans to His Majesty in the latest go round of negotiations - near-complete capitulation today, in return for an opportunity to capitulate again before the end of the year - was found to be excessively bitter to the royal taste buds. Republicans in the Senate are now trying their hand, and have received an initial rebuff.

And of course, John McCain continues to shine, like a turd under a full moon, demanding that the conservatives behind the defund movement be "held accountable" (if nothing else, McCain has assured himself a prominent position in the gallery of Republican heretics, right next to the execrable Lowell Weicker).

It is clear that Obama is not just seeking surrender, nor even simply unconditional surrender, but abject, groveling surrender - and the problem is that there are too many Vichy Republicans willing to accommodate his wishes, many of them now running scared from a recent NBC poll that, as has been ably demonstrated, is a tad on the skewed side.

I've really quite had it with the so-called "grownups" in the Republican Party. They utterly fail to see that you can't win a strategic war of grand ideological sweep using mere work-a-day tactics. How tragic that, save for a stalwart few, the GOP has become so impoverished in imagination, tongue-tied in argument, and blind to the traditions of personal freedom that still passionately engage so many of their constituents. Is the Republican Party, as represented by its establishment wing, really nothing more than a rival gang fighting with the Democrats over the division of taxpayer booty? Good luck to the young Turks, then, and may they rapidly supplant the Old Farts League.


Anonymous said...

I think establishment Republicans should just lurch off into the sunset and let the living do the job that's needed.

Scott Rasmussen:

"Not long ago, the conventional wisdom in official Washington held that the so-called sequester spending cuts would be a disaster for the Republican Party. They were expected to rise up in vehement protest once the “cuts” went into effect.

Instead, nobody outside of Washington noticed.

Today, the conventional wisdom suggests that the so-called government shutdown is a big time loser for the GOP. But, once again, few Americans other than federal workers have really noticed any difference."

The way is clear - to the living, that is.

rinardman said...

Is the Republican Party, as represented by its establishment wing, really nothing more than a rival gang fighting with the Democrats over the division of taxpayer booty?

A fair assessment.

JeffS said...

The label of "cheese eating surrender monkeys" is hereby withdrawn from France, and given to the Republican Party.

BTW, Paco ... ... Senator Ryan?

Paco said...

Oops! Corrected (thanks).

Robert of Ottawa said...

Paco, what the heck is going on? I invest in your company and take my eye off the ball, assuming you know what you are doing.

I understand that the Dems want to stick it to the RINOS and the TEA Party.

But even the Dem controlled Senate cannot get something passed!

Is this deliberate executive sabotage? To what purpose? Also, why aren't the RINOs not pointing out that after October 17, without a raising of the debt ceiling, the US does not automatically go into default. It WILL still have enough money to pay its obligations.

The lies spread by the media party are humungous.

Next, there will be a shortage of Sumerian Mead.

Robert of Ottawa said...

To follow up on my previous comment:

PACO = Peace And Change Obama?

Minicapt said...

"Peaches And Cream Obama": it's rather corny.