Monday, November 25, 2013

For what we're about to receive, may the Lord make us truly grateful

So, Obama wants us to talk up his health care program with family over Thanksgiving dinner.

No need to worry, chief! Every time my father or mother or brother gets on the phone, I get an earful about what a total fraud ObamaCare is, what a sickening example of government overreach, what a singular instance of hubris the whole thing represents. Believe me, I doubt we'll be talking about anything else (unless your deal with Iran comes up; that might excite some comment among my strongly pro-Israel kinfolk).

Update: More from Bryan Preston.


Anonymous said...

Now, let's all sing the Obamacare Song!

RebeccaH said...

There won't be any discussion of the "benefits" of Obamacare at our table. The first one to bring it up gets a biscuit right in the face.

bruce said...

It never seems to occur to people that 'Europe' does not have a uniform health care system. Italy for example is only half-subsidised.
To follow the European example, the USA should have left healthcare to the individual states. No one has ever tried this on such a scale.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving.

mojo said...

First Mate, "Horatio Hornblower", as they prepare for a French broadside.

SwampWoman said...

I saw all I need to know about "Obamacare" (not) when I went up to Georgia to spend my mom's birthday with her. She had a doctor's appointment with a Medicare doctor. The doctor drives in once a week from another town for three hours' worth of appointments with Medicare patients.

They met at an office in the hospital that has been closed down. It was the only county hospital. The furniture was gone except for ancient folding chairs. The ladies in the office told them that this was the last day the office would be open. One of the ladies had cancer and didn't know what would happen to her treatment, for this was the last day of employment for them.

The doctor told them that their next appointment with him would be at another doctor's office, but after that, he didn't know.

There were a lot of people in wheelchairs and with walkers and canes in that room, waiting, that were very anxious about what was going to happen to them.