Monday, November 4, 2013

Go Cuccinelli!

Even if Terry Mc-Low-Life wins the Virginia governor's race tomorrow, I believe he'll wind up spending most of his term dodging the law.

Fellow Virginians, I exhort you to spare our noble commonwealth the embarrassment and economic damage this bounder will bring to our state. Ken Cuccinelli is a man of principle and accomplishment, and he will make an excellent governor. Vote for the man who's used to handing out subpoenas, not the one who's used to receiving them.

If you like your freedom, you can keep it - vote Ken Cuccinelli!

And let Mark Levin fill you in on the continuing treachery of the RINOS. If Chris Christie wins, and Ken Cuccinelli loses, watch for Marshal Petain Karl Rove to practically wriggle with glee Wednesday morning as he pollutes the airwaves with his presence to tout the superiority of the middle of the road.

How's that strategy workin' out for ya, Karl?

1 comment:

rinardman said...

Sounds like McLowlife could be a two termer.

One term in term in jail.

He'd be a sure thing for an Illinois Guv.