Tuesday, November 12, 2013


How…interesting. The project manager for the health care web site didn’t become aware of the ominous security threats to the system, and the estimated fix dates (“mid-2014 and early 2015”), until he was handed a memo at a congressional hearing written by one of his own subordinates.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gives wife Hillary a boost in her run for the presidency by helping to differentiate her from President Jug Head takes the high road and says that people should, indeed, be able to keep their insurance plans if they want to, even if the law has to be changed.

I cannot recall seeing, in my lifetime, a law that was so fundamentally idiotic in concept and so utterly bungled in implementation. This is yet another lesson in the inherent incompetence and destructiveness of big government (which I presume will go unheeded by vast numbers of the populace, the same as all the previous lessons).

Update: And the marketing? Class with a capital ‘K’.


RebeccaH said...

Good grief.

bruce said...

Now we can see that the 'shutdown' was a desperate attempt at distraction from what the WH knew was coming. He knew some in the GOP would fight implementation, so his best chance was to make enough drama around GOP 'division' that folks would then be too tired and preoccupied to complain about the coming mess.

He calculated wrong - he lost all his 'shutdown' popularity. Good time to impeach Holder too.

Minicapt said...
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Minicapt said...

Note that the ad could be part of Mme Obama's "Let's Move" campaign.


Paco said...

Bruce: Impeachments all around, I say!

bruce said...

Ace notices the perfect WH spin-storm:
'Note they need these two things to be true to get Obama off the hook. They can't just say "He didn't know nothin' at all." After all, he's the President, and this is his signature achievement (and I use that word advisedly).

So they push the idea that yes, He Didn't Know Nothin' At All, but then, insanely, also push the idea that he was Totally On Top Of Everything, Serious You Guys, He Was Always Asking Questions.'

Keep working it guys!

Paco said...

Shear jeenyus!