Friday, December 13, 2013


Scratch a liberal, find a totalitarian.

David Brooks and most other so-called liberals obviously wouldn’t want a dictator who looks like this…

But they’d be just fine with one who looks like this…

Or, to put it more precisely, many liberals would gladly shred the constitution today if they believed it would lead to the imposition of their ideology tomorrow. Democrats, and the Republicans who pimp for them , view the citizenry in almost the same way that the hog drover views his swine: as animate, but not particularly bright, creatures that must be herded and managed. Individual freedom, as a thing having value in and of itself, has no special place in the worldview of either Democrat or swineherd as each respectively contemplates his “charges”.

We don’t need a man on a white horse, and we don’t need a Prussian bureaucracy. We need an independent, free-spirited populace that is willing to assert its natural rights and send the government back to the servants’ hall. The liberal vision resembles nothing so much as a giant low-security prison, and the closer we get to the fruition of that vision, the more likely that the level of security will eventually rise to include razor wire and watch towers, at least for those who resist being treated like human livestock.


bruce said...

Yeah dictator, or Sun King. Actually Obama is more like a carefree Prince. A real King has a lifelong responsibility.

It certainly is a Caesar moment for liberals.

Res Publica!

Steve Skubinna said...

Funny how everything the left shrieked Bush 43 was going to do (and never did) they demand Obama do

RebeccaH said...

I think Bruce's allusion to the Sun King is more apt. Remember, the French monarchy and the French aristocracy (arguably analogous to our own present-day Washington elite) pushed and pushed to meet their own demise. We don't literally guillotine people anymore, but the internet provides its own special version, and we should make liberal use of it.

Michael Lonie said...

The Sun King, Louis XIV, worked at being king every day. Compared to other monarchs of the time, he was a workaholic. I have never received the impression that Obama did much work at all. I suspect his mantra is "Leave it to Valerie."

Steve, liberal accusations are generally projections of their own dark desires.

Paco, would that we did have a Prussian-style bureaucracy. There is a saying in German, some task is "Like working for the King of Prussia." It means long hours of hard work for little pay. If we treated our bureaucrats that way we could halve their numbers and reduce the cost by two-thirds.