Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday funnies

As an efficiency measure, all employees of Paco Enterprises are equipped with one of these.

Wild man TimT tries his hand at brewing Sumerian ale.

Swampy’s granddaughter appears to express skepticism over the efficacy of ObamaCare.

You probably won’t see this headline again any time soon: “Two men save shark from choking on moose”.

Highly entertaining, but, alas, not very convincing, alibi: "Man stole delivery truck because he was 'running from zombies'".

Crime-solving “selfies”.

One of the hallmarks of radio comedy in the 1940s was the mock antipathy that existed between comedians Jack Benny and Fred Allen. They also occasionally appeared on screen together. In the following clip from the 1944 movie, It’s in the Bag, Fred Allen poses as the president of the Nutley, New Jersey chapter of the Jack Benny fan club, in an effort to con Benny into giving him a particular chair that may contain a fortune hidden in the seat.


rinardman said...

I bet Obo the Clown has one of those Isolators.

That's how he maintains his laserlike focus-of-the-day.

JeffS said...

Yes, well, Hugo did have his bad days ... ... The Isolator™ is ample proof of that.

As for the Sumerian Ale, one wonders if Wronwright is available a taste test!

Steve Skubinna said...

Haven't tried my hand at Sumerian Mead, but last time home on leave I brewed some ginger beer that was pretty darned gingery, and very fizzy. I do not have a hydrometer (yet) so couldn't measure alcohol content. My guess is 3-4 per cent.

As for "Two men save shark from choking on moose," we call that Friday evening in Union, WA. Yeah, I'm a bit homesick right now.

Robert of Ottawa said...

TimT, the man making rabid, mouth-slobbering delicious love with his hat on is not a Sumerian, he is a Mede, or possibly a Lidian.

The song that says "You can keep your hat on" obviously has a long and glorious history.

Minicapt said...


Michael Lonie said...

We really should have had some of that Sumerian mead analyzed chemically, to reconstruct the recipe, before Wronwright lost the TARDIS.

Paco said...

Michael: I sent some of that stuff in for testing, but got a bizarre letter from the lab saying that my horse had diabetes.

bruce said...

In Sumer, the drinking straws were as big as garden hoses - Respect!

RebeccaH said...

What I'd like to know is, where would a shark get a moose?

Also, boss, why does my Isolator smell like feet?

bruce said...

Rebecca, you're not supposed to use it as a footwarmer.

Anonymous said...

Man... what a class act: Jack Benny and Fred Allen.

Superb :)