Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey, thanks, Bob, for confirming our suspicions about Obama's cynical and cold-blooded political calculations

It would've been nice, though, if you had said something before the 2012 election - when it might, you know, have made a difference.


bruce said...

Would Gates have been listened to back then Paco?

Paco said...

Possibly, possibly not. But now we'll never know.

JeffS said...

If he had gone against the Administration while still in office, Gates would have been bounced faster than Petrayus, probably with the full cooperation of the media. I wish Gates had the backbone to do so while still in office, he *might* have made a difference.

By themselves, Obama and Billary do not tolerate dissent. Working together, they would be a fearsome force. So it's a good thing Billary and Obama love to hate each other.

Anonymous said...

He seems wonderfully oblivious that he's part of the problem. His insider revelations / dirt dishing aside, his contempt for Congress and the American people is even more revealing of his ilk.

Congress has a lot of problems, but it is Congress that is feeling the real, direct and sustained pressure from a disgruntled public clamoring for accountability and change.

Gate's reaction to tough, pointed questioning is to whine - as if he and his fellow Obama appointees have always been forthcoming, honest and respectful to Congress and the American public.

Quite a large blind spot. I imagine the next installment will be interesting, as well.

Anonymous said...

Deborah .... The "surprise" at two dyed-in-the-wool-Progressive-Alinsky devotees making admissions would be naive were it not coming from someone whose tenure inside the beltway is marked as the first to serve both parties.

Watch the DC bistros to see which table he gets.

Minicapt said...

A number of substantive things were mentioned before the election, and nothing significant developed. Why would Mr Gates's memoirs be different?
As a member of Mr Obama's cabinet, he had no direct duty to either Congress, or 'the American people'.