Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday funnies

Olive oil: good for cooking with, pouring over salads, and removing naked Australians from washing machines.

Man fails in quest for beer, gets beaten with a ceramic squirrel by thirsty girlfriend.

Modern threat: radioactive diapers.

News flash: Chihuahuas are terrible drivers.

Don't even think about trying to outrun the police in Dubai.

Hey, don't let life get you down; show a little optimism!

Tim Blair "outs" James Delingpole (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

As long as it's freezing out there, you might as well put the cold to good use.

A sentimental ballad of lost love by Junior Brown, entitled My Wife Thinks You’re Dead.


RebeccaH said...

Catchy tune.

JeffS said...

Dubai is a prime example of a wealthy nation with a Third World mentality, and quite common in the Middle East. Flashy cars, with very impressive capabilities, but emphasizing style over needs, and the real problem: Dubai citizens drive stupid. As do most people around the world.

rinardman said...

Hmmm, freezing bubbles sounds a lot more interesting than scrubbing bubbles.

May have to try that if we have another sub-zero spell. At night, with the video camera rolling with the right lighting could be a good show.

bruce said...

Naked Australians in washing machines - Best way to get clean!

Yeah always keep olive oil handy in case get stuck.

Best place to watch youtube too. 'My wife' - I watched with the sound off first, verrry interresting.