Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let a thousand idiots bloom

Karl Marx, John Kerry, Piers Morgan, Prince Charles…I’m beginning to wonder if history isn’t primarily just a roll call of morons.

John McCain: "Here!"

Hillary Clinton: "Yo!"

Joe Biden: "Pheasant!"

Update -

Chris Matthews: "Me! Me! What about ME?"

Oh, yes, can't forget about Chris Matthews. The latest noise to issue forth from his larynx is a whine that congressional Republicans are engaging in a form of "second-term birtherism":
[Obama] was illegitimately elected, now he’s behaving illegitimately,” Matthews said on Friday. “They want to put an asterisk next to this guy..."
Ok, Chris, how about if we just put an asterisk next to you?

Chris Matthews*

* Dumbass

(Yeah, I know. It's just gelding the filly, but there it is).


bruce said...


Not filly?

Gelding the filly instead of the lilly is funny, I'd never heard that. Philly is interesting, you'll have to explain the punch line for me.

Paco said...


Oops! Typo. Thanks for the heads up (it sometimes seems like every time I come up with an original gag, I manage to step on it with my bad spelling).

bruce said...

Here it means Kraft Philly:


bruce said...

Speaking of stupidity. I did not know that ecologists now say 'balance' in eco-systems is a myth.

Yes, mainstream ecologists totally reject Gaia theory, or any idea of 'balance', say between predators and prey. Well I suspected as much, but why don't the journalists know this?