Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday movie

A Canadian sergeant provides some informal training in hand-to-hand combat to a loutish G.I. in this scene from The Devil's Brigade.


Steve at the Pub said...

Good movie. Great pipe music throughout.
True story (or pretty much true) of a joint USA/Canadian army unit in WWII.

The Canadian Sgt: actor Jeremy Slate, who served in the US Navy in WWII, and was in the invasion of Normandy.
The loutish GI: actor Claude Akins, US Army in WWII, served in Burma & the Pacific. (We've all seen him before, but I can't think of where, he's got one of those familiar faces.)
Alas neither actor is with us any more.

Steve at the Pub said...

Both of them were 42 years old, when they made that movie, each playing the role of fighting age infantrymen.

Paco said...

Good information, thanks. I've seen both actors in numerous supporting roles, in movies and television programs (Jeremy Slate most recently in an episode of Gunsmoke. Claude Akins was the uncle of one of my sisters-in-law's boyfriends.

Minicapt said...