Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Obama has a pen and a phone...

...and a thumb that he sticks in the eye of normal citizens every chance he gets: "Obama Nominates Cop Killer Advocate to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division".

So Barry searched the land over, looking high and low, poring over the resumes of hundreds of qualified civil rights attorneys, and this is the guy he chose? Obama isn't so much the president of the United States as he is the narcissistic, abusive, control freak in a dysfunctional relationship. Isn't there some way we can get a restraining order against this creep?

Update: Looks like this clown got his formative training on the street; Sesame Street, that is:
"When he was 4 or 5, a friend noticed an ad seeking children to audition for Sesame Street. Adegbile landed the job and played the part of Debo, a child of the Sesame Street neighborhood, until high school.

"(Friend Ryan) Haygood said (Adegbile) had 'fond memories of Grover and Cookie Monster' and of meeting Ray Charles during a guest appearance by the singer."

Debo Adegbile and friends engage in a little social justice.


JeffS said...

It's a thumb he's sticking in our eye -- it's a finger.

His middle finger.

bruce said...

From Sesame Street to 'Free Mumia' makes him, like a younger William Ayers, a core example of the modern disease.

But from 'Free Mumia' to power in the US Govt, that's just crazy. Do fish rot from the head down?

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Bruce, the Left is like buzzards .They are attracted by rot rather than repulsion which is the reaction of those whose moral compass isn't broken.