Monday, February 10, 2014

Southern fried blitzkrieg

Did you know that Bill Clinton once worried about getting reelected because of, among other things, southern “Nazis”?

Much, much more from the “Hillary Papers” at the The Washington Free Beacon. Yes, it’s news about the old days, but it underscores the single-minded pursuit of power by someone who may yet be president. Consider it background material for the more relevant context of her performance in recent years (which ranges from undistinguished to fatally incompetent).

My short take: if you think the Democrats are a ruthless bunch of power junkies now, just wait until Hillary gets elected. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. It’ll be a combustible mixture of narcissistic power-mongering and a hopelessly wrongheaded ideological worldview. God help us if all the Republicans have to offer is the McConnell/Boehner Axis of Accommodation.

Oh, and I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief that retired General David Petraeus never succumbed to the lure of a potential Republican presidential candidacy: “[Hillary Clinton would] make a tremendous president”. Dude, try not to leave a hickie on her backside, ok?


rinardman said...

Dude, try not to leave a hickie on her backside, ok?

Dude, no thanks for that disturbing mental image.

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... One of the best insights into the Clintons and Prigressives is Robert "Buzz" Patterson's Dereliction of Duty". Patterson was President Clinton's military attache. Bill is bad enough. The only president to lose the nuclear codes...TWICE. Hillary is a nastier than one may have previously thought. Patterson's book is good ammo for the coming war. Hopefully, it will be used.

Anyone who admires a someone who dedicates a book to Satan is not a person to lead the free world.

bruce said...

What do you make of the following, is Hillary really that dumb as to be so much in denial, or is she always in propaganda mode? -

RebeccaH said...

Obama has been bad enough. I don't think I can survive a Billary presidency.