Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday funnies

Solid dietary advice from the eminent Chinese physician, Pok Ho.

Does anybody actually buy the weird stuff models wear? Take this woman's hat, for example...

Cleaning woman sees through the contemporary art racket.

The U.S. men's hockey team loss to Canada was tragic. No, really (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).


rinardman said...

So, is there a Pok Ho Enterprises?

And do they publish any self help books? Good common sense advice is hard to find, these days.

RebeccaH said...

The dietary advice was spot on. Thanks, Dr. Ho.

Robert of Ottawa said...


Repeated twice because we did it twice. WE OWN THE ICE ... and in curling too! WE ARE WINTER!.

Oh, wait a minute, I had a serious point to make. What was it now? ... Oh yes:

I am seeing in the right blogosphere the "To love or not a RINO to beat the DEMS".

I will not register to these sites to comment as I am not a US citizen but can you, Paco, spread the word.

The experience of Conservative politics in Canada is instructive:

1. Conservatives have never been elected by toadying to the liberals.

2. Study the Reform Movement in Canada, led by Preston Manning. For years, the liberals had an easy win because the so-called conservative party (full of Red Tories, AKA RINOs). After the equivalent split between Tea-Party and RINO factions, the Conservative Party became reunified and vigorous and spoke up for what it believed and WON, BABY, WON!

Just like Canada! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

rinardman said...


OK, it's yours.

But please...keep it to yourselves. Stop letting it cross the border.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Well, just stop stealing it! We are proud owners of WINTER!

Robert of Ottawa said...


allow the Keystone pipeline or we give you more winter. Capisce?

Veeshir said...

Robert, you just don't get it.
All our GOP betters keep explaining that we need to run Electable, Moderate (TM) pols to win the election.

Just ask Presidents McCain and Romney.
Romney was the runniest, he got fewer Mormon votes than McCain.

I saw a vid on some shot on TV where they replaced the curling stones with cats.

Now that's a sport I could get into more than once every 4 years.