Friday, February 7, 2014

Who’s the leading conservative politician in the world today?

It’s difficult to argue with Samuel Gregg’s assertion that it’s Australia’s PM, Tony Abbott.
Elected prime minister in September last year, Abbott is in many respects the left’s nightmare come true. For one thing, he’s a practicing Catholic, who, though he doesn’t draw attention to his faith, is generally associated in people’s minds with the Church’s conservative wing. Among other brickbats, that’s earned him (rather sectarian) epithets such as the “mad monk.”

At the same time, Abbott possesses — like his political mentor, Australia’s most successful modern conservative politician, John Howard — the common touch. In private and public, he comes across as rather normal and unpretentious. In Australian politics, that will take you a very, very long way. But Abbott is unique insofar as he combines an ability to communicate with ordinary people with being that rarity among conservative politicians: someone genuinely interested in ideas.
Tony Abbott, Christie/Boehner/McConnell. Compare and contrast.


rinardman said...

Tony Abbott, Christie/Boehner/McConnell. Compare and contrast.

How about a trade?

Three for one. Sounds like a good deal.

RebeccaH said...

There is no comparison for any of those three, but most especially for Majority House Panderer Orange McWeepyface.

Gregoryno6 said...

Thanks, Paco. I must post this around and set a few more leftwit heads a notch closer to exploding.

Steve at the Pub said...

That article only skims the surface of the evil that is Abbott666.
It gets much worse!
He studied for the priesthood (The "Mad Monk" title would be partially becuase of this)
His entire schooling was in not just the Roman Catholic school system, but was in Jesuit run schools.
He boxed at university (Rhodes scholar - which doesn't prevent the left commentators from calling Abbott "dumb")
At least twice he's put himself at personal risk to save a stranger's life, (a swimmer drowning in the ocean, & an occupant from a burning house) then shot through before cameras turned up.
He's also incredibly physically fit, rides a bicycle regularly (thousand mile rides - he's really fit)
He's a volunteer surf lifesaver, and a volunteer fire brigade member.
He spends at least a week each year volunteering in remote underpriveliged communities.

All of these things are done without photo-opportunities, he's been doing them all his life, and in what would cause the left puzzlement, he does them for real, not for publicity.
His volunteering isn't an election-time stunt, he does it all the time.

The left cannot get their head around this.