Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yeah, what now?

Commenter and blogger Veeshir delves into a subject that I find interesting, troubling - and perhaps promising: what exactly does Connecticut plan to do with its tens of thousands of brand new felons, otherwise known as citizens who refuse to register their so-called "assault rifles"?

I believe we are rapidly approaching a time when ordinary people are going to be dragged into legal crises of the government's making, and the choice is going to be civil disobedience or serfdom. Hell, we're already there. Question is, are we the frog in the slowly-heating pot of water, or are we the grizzly that's just taken a BB shot on the snout?


Anonymous said...

Americans are not as stupid or supine as the political classes apparently believe.

JeffS said...

The legal and regulatory environment made many (if not all) honest people criminals long ago.

In some form or fashion, everyone, in the course of living their lives in what used to be a free and open society, has broken a law or regulation in some fashion. Maybe in minor way, maybe not. The differences are:

1. People are starting to be prosecuted (or "persecuted", if you like) for those minor or unintended law breaking. Growing gardens against zoning laws, for example. Or painting a business building the wrong color. Or having a stockpile of wood on the endangered species list. Or just living in an area deemed "not for human habitation" by some watermelon drawing a government paycheck.

2. Politicians and bureaucrats are now passing laws or regulations forbidding or hugely restricting activities that were legal a short time ago. The AR15 debacle is but one example. A large one, but take a look at how the parks, national forests, and other recreational areas are being managed.

3. We really don't know what laws or bureaucratic fiat will come next. Obama and his commie allies across the nation are arbitrarily putting out "executive orders" and legal decisions that go against the Constitution (Federal and state!), established laws, custom, and common sense.

We are rapidly slipping into a nation of men. The nation of laws is sliding into history. What happens next will be up to Americans.

God save the Republic.

rinardman said...

That guy on the radio likes to point out that unlike most countries, the U.S. has traditionally been a country where everything is legal...until laws are passed to make something illegal.
Freedom is assumed, not granted.

The progressives want us to be like them.

"You want to breath? Only if we say you can!"

Veeshir said...

What our political, social and moral betters don't realize is that after they've destroyed the rule of law, by the powerful and connected being able to ignore the laws and by making more and more laws to do what JeffS says (make criminals of us all), there's no reason for anybody to follow the laws.

They think we're EUnuchs, I think they're going to be unpleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the link.

JeffS said...

Exactly right, Veeshir. Witness what that idiot minion (a/k/a NYDHS Director) of Cuomo did in New York (illegally -- and in a stupid manner! -- carry a pistol), and what happened (he got an after-the-fact waiver).

Or Gregory in DC, waving an illegal (in DC) 30 round magazine on national TV, and not being [prosecuted).

The so-called intellectual elite, working through the progressives, want to rule us. "What's good for me is not for thee!"

We are rapidly slipping into a nation of men. The nation of laws is sliding into history. What happens next will be up to Americans.

God save the Republic.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Rinardman, you define the difference between socialist and libertarian.

Anonymous said...

I think the Grizzly that has taken a BB to the snout is what's beginning to happen.

Progressives have awoken a sleeping giant.