Thursday, April 10, 2014

If I were president…

…I believe my first official act would be to get rid of the TSA.
A woman claims an airport security agent refused to let her disabled sister on board a plane because she couldn’t say her own name.

Sherry Wright says she was shocked at the treatment they received at Los Angeles International Airport, where her sister Heidi was due to fly to Phoenix.

The problems began when Heidi, who was left wheelchair-bound and unable to speak or write after a stroke a decade ago, was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration due to an expired driver’s license, CNN reported.
Wheel-chair bound and unable to speak or write. Kinda unsurprising that she wouldn’t have a current driver’s license, isn’t it? And it’s generally known – even to people of the meanest intelligence –that stroke victims frequently suffer from impaired speech. Sounds like another bully with a badge.


bruce said...

Massive bureaucracy with almost no accountability to clients. At least break it up into small local bits. Why shouldn't local 'TSA' be under the local police? Or each air company have its own security?

Gregoryno6 said...

I imagine a recruiting interview for the TSA runs along the lines of this.
"Stanley, how would you describe your people skills? Strong, average or poor?"
"People? I [deleted] hate people. All the [deleted]s ever do is give a guy like me a hard time. I'm there to do a [deleted] job and they should just leave me the [deleted] alone. If they can't get their [deleted] heads out of their [deleted] [deleted] assholes far enough to see that, [deleted] them. They [deleted] deserve what they got comin'."
"WELCOME to the team!!"

bruce said...

Just read this on Steyn and thought it should be noted:

"Apparently the only government department without a military force at its disposal is the military. So when a lone shooter opens up at an army base, Fort...has to call 911 and "shelter in place" until the county sheriff arrives."

Un-frickin'-believable how weird things have gone.

RebeccaH said...

If the TSA disappeared, I might start flying again. As it is, I doubt I will ever board another airplane.

missred said...

For a bureaucracy that supposedly deals with people with a high volume rate, it always amazes me how ignorant they are when it comes to people. Obviously they have zippo training.
Ok that is me trying to be nice and rational.
Gregoryno6 says it all.
Yes, bruce, the world is officially weird.