Wednesday, April 30, 2014

“McCain laughed heartily”

John McCain seems to think Ted Cruz’s suggestion that John Kerry ought to resign as Secretary of State over his outrageous statement that Israel is in danger of becoming an apartheid state is amusing.

Jeff Goldstein has an interesting take:
Ironically — at least to me — McCain was tortured for years as Kerry lied about his fellow soldier’s “atrocities” visited upon the North Vietnamese, which provided cover for the enemy and in some ways sought to tacitly justify the treatment of our POWs.

But hey: the bond of ruling class elitism is stronger than the bond of consistent patriotism, at least in McCain’s world.
Wake me when the revolution starts.


Anonymous said...

Deborah....McCain has no love for Cruz because he's not part of "the club". The club's motto is "elites must stick together", which is why he is hosting Hillary in Oak Creek/Sedona. According to John, she's a good friend and great stateswoman.

He must be drinking what Elizabeth Warren is.

bruce said...

I can't bring myself to blame McCain considering that Kerry should be his worst enemy if he wasn't so blinded by...whatever, but Retire already, John!

bruce said...

I mean the VC were just doing their job in the end, but Kerry lied and made things worse, just to further his own career: Kerry's got to be McCain and every Vet's Worst Enemy, surely.

RebeccaH said...

Apparently McCain claims no enemies (except fellow Republicans who don't toe the line, apparently), but I regard him as MY enemy these days!