Sunday, May 25, 2014


The Obama administration has no trouble releasing tens of thousands of undocumented criminals into the U.S. population (guilty of crimes up to and including homicide), but can't seem to figure out how to assist the wife of a U.S. citizen in Sudan who has been condemned to death for marrying a Christian. Mark Steyn reports on the absurd hoops our immigration bureaucrats are trying to make this family jump through in a life and death situation (many of these details I am reading for the first time).

H/T: Captain Heinrichs


RebeccaH said...

There are no words.

rinardman said...

Daniel Wani needs to have a sex change operation.

If they were a same sex couple, Obo the Clown would send in the marines!

bruce said...

The Feds sure have their priorities all mixed up. If she was involved in 'copyright violations' of 'music piracy' they'd be helicoptering in there to get her.