Monday, May 5, 2014

I dunno

Nancy Pelosi says we should honor the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo by passing amnesty legislation.

Wouldn’t it be more in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo to just beat up some Frenchmen?

Caution: Link features an auto-loading video of Pelosi rambling incoherently.


Anonymous said...

Deborah...Until the news tonight, I didn't know that it was the fifth.(ah retirement). Another plus for Texas country living.

It's interesting that they buy into this beer company promoted "holiday" since it is a minor one, and they lost the following engagement. Yet they don't really celebrate their Independence Day. Of course, Mexico isn't really independent...but then the Battle of Puebla shouldn't really be a big deal.

Rambling incoherent is San Fran Nan's dialect.

bruce said...

Amnesty? Why go half measures?

Union! Absorb Mexico into the US. Can't be much worse than now, and the FBI wouldn't have to bother with border niceties.