Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Instant suspects

Rahm "Tiny Dancer" Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, wants to require that all gun sales in the city be videotaped.

Well, how about this deal? All meetings and telephone calls between hizzoner and contractors, union officials, Democratic Party apparatchiks and wealthy campaign donors should also be taped/recorded and posted for the edification of the citizens of the Windy City.


RebeccaH said...

Hear hear!

Steve Skubinna said...

I think Rahm is being eminently reasonable here. He doesn't want any illegal firearms introduced into Chicago.

Is that such a bad goal? Why risk sullying the most crime free utopia in America?

Incidentally I hope Rahm has called the local DoJ reps and clued them in as well. After all, the biggest trafficker in illegal guns in America today is Eric Holder.

Anonymous said...

Deborah... Yo! Who got da video biz, dawg? Nobody gonna tape no homies. They get 13ed fur bein' fool.