Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Al Gore does Australia

Ok, mates, I don’t want to hear “I’m too busy” or “I’ve got to wash my hair” or “Let George do it”. One of you blokes (or sheilas, as the case may be) needs to roll up your sleeves, spit on your hands, and find a way to convince this guy to go snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef (preferably after being rubbed down with seal fat and having the pockets of his swim trunks stuffed with bouillon cubes).

C’mon, let’s see some of that Australian “can do” spirit!


rinardman said...

Gore praised the "extraordinary moment in which Australia, the United States and the rest of the world is finally beginning to confront the climate crisis in a meaningful way".

By ignoring the rantings of the insane?

BTW, how did the Goracle get to Australia? Sailboat?

Paco said...

Maybe he's the secret ingredient in Vegemite.

bruce said...

Oh he's with Clive Palmer, who we regard as a billionaire clown - not sure I could make a US comparison to him - so Gore's already 'beclowned' by association I think.

Umm, also Gore's just being deceptive. India just started up its latest nuclear power station with terrific results. The bulk of Asia's power in the future will be nuclear, or coal. The rest is just cake decoration. India has heaps of windmills and know how unreliable they are, and solar is mostly used for running toilets!

bruce said...

Bolt's the best critic of Palmer.

Paco said...

Bruce: I have to admit, it's pretty funny that Gore has hooked up with a guy whose main claim to fame (at least over here) is that he wanted to build a reproduction of a nautical disaster.

TimT said...

Old Aus conspiracy theory - one of our old PMs, Harold Holt, disappeared while swimming after just 30 days in office. 'Drowned' would be the obvious answer - but to this day there are probably a few tin-foil hat wearers who insist it was the CIA who dunnit, maybe with the aid of a submarine.

I'm holding you responsible, Paco, where'd you stash the body? ;)

Paco said...

"I'm holding you responsible, Paco, where'd you stash the body?"

[Confers with attorney, sotto voce. Nods, and looks Detective Tim in the eye.]

I don't know from nuttin', see? Dis guy - whaddaya call...Bolt? Holt?...Maybe he had a pocket fulla quarters or sump'n when he dove in da water, see? Or maybe he had da cramps; you know, just jumped in after eatin' some platypus fritters, see? How da hell should I know? Besides, I wasn't even in Austria dat day.

[Attorney whispers in ear]

Yeh, yeh, Australia, whadevah.

Anonymous said...

Before everybody rushes in to criticise, let's not forget that Gore means well and needs to be treated with respect. Or not......................I'm good either way. Oh hang it, the guy's a liar and fraud and a decent society would be well served by enacting laws that allow all and sundry to throw rotting fruit at him whenever he appears in public.

Penguinator Sydney.

Skeeter said...

Al is probably still trying to work out what mining magnate MP and alleged billionaire Clive had in mind when he organised Al's trip down-under. Two days after Al's address in Canberra, ABC-TV and Fairfax media are vainly trying to convince their viewers and readers that it was a successful coup to demolish PM Tony Abbott's repeal of the Carbon Tax. (It is being blocked in the Senate.)
But the morning after Clive's 6pm dinner with Al, Clive had breakfast with Tony; and that resulted in Clive promising to get his PUPpies (Palmer United Party senators) to support Tony in the Senate.
Tony probably convinced Clive that the Carbon Tax was no longer needed to stop global warming because Al had managed, by his mere presence in our country, to Gore us into a sudden bitter winter with wide-spread blizzards and lots of snow where it doesn't normally fall.
If none of that makes sense, see more details at Tim Blair.