Friday, June 13, 2014


Via John Hinderaker at Power Line.


rinardman said...

In his next autobiography, Obo will blame his teleprompter.

"I didn't know I was saying it, till I read it on my teleprompter!"

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Oh Al Qaeda is on the run alright. They and the Taliban are headed for the flag poles to hoist the black flag of victory. Feasts are being prepared for soon-to-be released Gitmo detainees. Nine year old girls are a hot commodity.

Obama is preoccupied with, well, everything non-related such as planning the presidential library, and discussing how his memoirs will be written with Bill Ayers. That is, of course, when convenient to tee time.. Wonder if he'll be able to afford the fees at the country clubs?

RebeccaH said...

Every time I see that grinning mug, I expect Obama to break into a tap dance.

bruce said...

And of course, GWB never said or implied that the overall Iraq mission was over, but Obama did - so he owns it.

I tell my local friends, 'If Obama was NSW Police Commissioner he would have been sacked on the spot', for any of the mistakes he's made. This whole 'impeachment' thing is too complex. In the new meritocracy you need instant sacking for incompetence of this magnitude.

Paco said...

Bruce: amen to that.

Michael Lonie said...

discussing how his memoirs will be written with Bill Ayers

discussing how his memoirs will be written by Bill Ayers

There, I fixed it for you.