Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Junius: Letter to Mitch McConnell

To the Honorable Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senate


I note that the news is filled with predictions of material gains by the Republican Party this fall, with the capture of a Senate majority not beyond the realm of the possible. I observe, as well, that these prognostications are typically delivered in a spirit of consternation by members of our fourth estate, which is hardly surprising given the domination of that profession by leftists. Yet I find myself baffled by their despondent mood. Why should a Republican majority make them tremble?

The Democratic Party, aided and abetted by its Mamluks in the press, has managed to construct a mighty political and cultural fortress even under what passes for leadership by the most feckless and ignorant president of modern times. From this fortress has issued a constant series of sorties by regulators, auditors and policemen against the liberties and even the persons of the American people. With mounting desperation, we of the constitutionalist party have scanned the skyline and the folds of the hills, eagerly awaiting the debouchment of our presumptive army of legislative liberators, and to what are we treated, sir? To the spectacle of you and your bumbling band of wizened, short-winded establishmentarians, occasionally shambling out from amongst the trees to unleash a useless volley of mixed projectiles from your rusty old musketoons at the formidable walls of tyranny, only to scurry back to cover with the most shameful alacrity. It is a performance of Homeric futility.

But stay – let us wring the truth from this sopping dish rag of a strategy. Are such acts of resistance as you and your partizani manage to essay intended to truly strike a blow for the right, or are they merely theatrical productions designed to cloak your underlying indolence and paucity of fighting spirit? The most forlorn hope can occasionally carry the day when backed by energy, sincerity of belief and unstinting commitment to the enterprise. Your desultory plinking at the might of Leviathan, on the other hand, does not suggest futility so much as fraud. Why should we believe otherwise when you no sooner conclude an “attack” on this administration than you quickly whip out a white handkerchief in order to signal for a parlez on some matter- typically, and revealingly, dearer to your heart than the upholding of the constitution - concerning which you and the administration are in general agreement (as often as not in a conspiracy against your own constituents, as in the instance of amnesty)?

Nay, sir, your paltry opposition to the growth and consolidation of federal tyranny may be a sufficiently efficacious means of ensconcing yourself in a comfortable office, surrounded by the gaudy trappings of power and prestige, but it will not serve as a realistic campaign for the recovery of our personal liberty. We look for leaders, Senator, leaders and fighters, not for the useless mummery of professional time servers.



SwampWoman said...

To My Most Esteemed and Learned Friend, Junius:

It pains me greatly to report to you that I found a small error in your epistle to Mitch McConnell, which you gave me the honor of reading over prior to sending, and I pray that you will forgive my humbly bringing it to your attention. You spelled Dishonorable incorrectly in the address.

I trust that you will be able to correct this oversight before it is sent.

With fondest personal regards, Lady of the Swamp

Paco said...

That would be a truer salutation, to be sure.

RebeccaH said...

Well said, Junius. If only Mitch McSchmoo were capable of understanding that much English.

Paco said...

"Mitch McSchmoo". I love it!