Thursday, July 10, 2014


The IDF deals handily with some Hamas infiltrators (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Maybe it's time to bring back the practice of tarring and feathering.

The growing plague of media ignorance.

Perfect casting! Robert Redford has agreed to play - are you ready? - Dan Rather in a film based on the memoir Truth and Duty, the apologia written by the absurd Mary Mapes after she got fired for publishing a bogus story about George Bush.

Store clerk defends herself from gun-toting robber with beer.

You know who's responsible for the border crisis? Do we really even have to ask?

Among the intellectuals.

Our broadminded president admits that not "all" Republicans are terrible people.


Bob Belvedere said...

Remember now, you're supposed to use Pine Tar, not Asphalt Tar.

Veeshir said...

You know who's responsible for the border crisis? Do we really even have to ask?

Of course we have to ask, I figured it was the Jews.

rinardman said...

You know who's responsible for the border crisis?

"Tea Party terrorists. Funded by the Koch brothers." - Dingy Harry

Robert of Ottawa said...

Obama's crew are deliberately creating this border crisis.

Have the US embassies in Meso-America, mostly run by members of La Raza, issued public statements and editorials in their region to stop this flux?

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... Israel should take everything back. The Palestinians are acting like...well...Palestinians.

The plaque of media ignorance is epidemic.

I see incessant fawning, drooling, and tall tale reviews for Redford. He might even garner a Rolling Stone cover.

The police department should hire the clerk. She's courageous and deters crimes...though her method is unorthodox.

Paco said...

Bob: Oops! Too late...

RebeccaH said...

I like the tar and feathers idea, but pine tar is pretty hard to come by these days. I suggest super glue. Let's start with everybody in the White House, and then move on to Congress.

LibertyAtStake said...

What do you mean by the "growing" plaque of media ignorance? By my lights, total saturation was attained by the arrogant little hacks gathering around Journolist (and using technology that was already obsolete at the time the morons adopted it for their little scheme). If anything is "growing", let us hope it is awareness of the plaque.