Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dog bites man

So, another Darryl Issa subpoena gets ignored, and Rep. Issa waves his arms in the air, professing to be outraged.

Apparently, Obama’s DOJ has determined that congressional subpoenas carry about as much weight as a flyer left on your door by a vinyl siding salesman. Although at least vinyl siding companies make a sale every now and then; I’ve yet to see any of Issa’s targets seriously discommoded. I like to think (but am in no way especially confident) that voters will eventually tire of seeing Republican politicians engaging in pointless theater, and will insist on real action to preserve the separation of powers and rein in the executive branch’s overreach.


JeffS said...

Yeah, I stopped being impressed with the kabuki dance presented by Congresscritters whenever Obama urinated on the Constitution.

Isophorone said...

If only Richard Nixon knew how easy it could be!

Paco said...

Somewhere, the ghost of Tricky Dick is tearing his hair out in envy.

Veeshir said...

Yeah, it wouldn't have worked for Nixon.
The media hated him as much as they love their God-President.

I will say that I'm disappointed in you.

If Darrell Issa is going to throw fish at you, you need to clap your fins and squeeze the bulb on your horn and not check to see if those are real fish or just bat guano shaped like fish.