Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thick skull not entirely impervious to brick

Rep. John Boehner, who tends to forget that the president is not the only one with a telephone, has canceled a vote on the cynical amnesty-lite bill he was flogging in the House after phone lines in Washington suffered a total melt-down from alarmed and angry constituents demanding that the bill be killed. It ultimately became obvious, even to the Grim Weeper, that he didn't have the votes to pass this thing.

Which doesn’t mean he won’t be trying some kind of amnesty prestidigitation again in the near future. Boehner is not to be trusted – and there is probably no better proof of this than the role played by Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz, who had to sound their warnings from over in the Senate. It will be interesting to see how much longer Boehner’s “Damn the constituents, full speed ahead!” strategy will continue to work – or rather, will continue, with impunity, to not work. I believe pro-amnesty wealthy donors only have one vote each, same as the rest of us.


Veeshir said...

They'll do nothing.

Obama will do his amnesty deal and they'll do another "throw fish at the voter-seals to get them to clap" deal like suing Obama.

That's win-win for Boehner/McConnell, they get the amnesty they want and they don't have to do anything but...nothing.

Veeshir said...

So the Senate has gone home but the House is Doing Something!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which will be for naught as the Seante is on vacation.

So... the illusion of doing something.

Is everybody happy with their fish?
Clap your fins if you are and don't forget to squeeze the bulbs on your horns.

Robert of Ottawa said...

he whole border/immigration issue is he most brazen power-grab since Caesar or Mussolini. The standard argument for dictatorship is that nothing gets done if the One does no act. All are careful to genuflect to established political processes while completely running through them with scythe chariots.