Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yeah, I'm shocked, too

Barry O has a sort of warped sixth sense that enables him to get foreign policy wrong practically every time. Now, he and his absurd Secretary of State are busily undermining Israel in its umpteenth war for survival against terrorists.


Veeshir said...

Obama's lost every war he's even peripherally involved in.

He's losing the Cold War 30 years after we won it.

Whodathunk a far-left, Amerikkka-hating, inexperienced, Chicago-machine politician would be so bad for America.

You know, except all those unhelpful people who were rightly chastised by our political, social, intellectual and moral betters.

RebeccaH said...

Obama is Israel's enemy. He is also America's enemy.

Robert of Ottawa said...

He's also busy undermining the USA.

When did your constitution include a dictator clause? There is going to be considerable friction in your fine country due to Barry's attempt to fundamentally transform the US.

Spiny Norman said...

If the US State Department is calling for a "cease-fire", you know Israel must be winning - and it doesn't seem to matter which Party is in the White House.