Friday, August 15, 2014


The peculiar, unfriendly friendship between T.S. Eliot and Groucho Marx.

I finally find something to agree with the president about: I, too, am eager for him to be an ex-president.

Paul Krugman: an intellectual compass whose needle always points due wrong.

The latest on the shooting of Mike Brown (and prelude and aftermath).

Merrie England: Most popular boy’s name? Muhammed.

What?!? You mean to say that Al Gore is occasionally motivated by an interest in filthy lucre?

Teens respond to Michelle Obama’s lunch choices with, er, enthusiasm.

IRS lost emails excuse doesn’t pass U.S. District Court judge’s smell test.

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bruce said...

TS Eliot's F&F office wall with the picture of Groucho, next to Albert Schweitzer I think.

Eliot was an odd mix, his type doesn't seem to exist any more, if he is of a type.