Monday, August 25, 2014

So, does ISIS now have an air force?

“Islamic State militants capture major Syrian air base”.

I hope all the jets and helicopters were removed somewhere else (the article doesn’t say). In any event, it looks like the j’s are taking their customary casual approach to the observance of general norms of decency:
The group's trademark brutality was on full display after those victories. They killed army commanders and pro-government militiamen, decapitating them before putting their bodies and heads on display. The Observatory reported similar acts following the fall of Tabqa Sunday.
I pray, if the west does work up a sufficient amount of courage and energy to deal with these depraved specimens, that our leaders do not get bogged down in the “why” of it all. Why are these people so filled with rage? Why are they doing these terrible things? The only “why” I’m interested in right now is why haven’t these maniacs been reduced to ashes yet. Extirpate them first; perhaps later we can sit around over a meditative brandy and wonder whatever caused them to act that way. Civilization is under no moral obligation to accept as a condition of its survival the necessity of understanding the deep-seated motivations of its foes, nor to meet a prerequisite of justifying its existence to savages.


rinardman said...

I'm sticking to my suggestion: turn the free world's air forces loose on the Islamic State, and turn it into a Gaseous State.

Target practice, as it were.

Paco said...

Islamic State -> Gaseous state

sounds good to me!

RebeccaH said...

Only the obtuse refuse to understand the "why". It comes down to Islam and the commands in the Koran to kill, conquer, or enslave.

bruce said...

There's more 'war' talk than ever before: war on bullying, war on obesity...

But when someone declares actual war on us, the chattering classes go all quiet!

Robert of Ottawa said...

I am more concerned about the MANPADS.