Thursday, September 4, 2014

Barack Obama: ISIS has no place in the 21st century

Seraphic Secret: “It is Barack Obama who has no place in the 21st century. He and his kind will be left on the ash heap of history alongside Neville Chamberlain and other infamous appeasers of evil.”

Western civilization is at war with the IslamoNazi world.

The problem is that Barack Obama, allegedly the leader of the free world, does not recognize this simple truth. And that’s because he is a radical leftist who is incapable of recognizing, much less confronting, true evil.

To a committed leftist at this time in history, evil is defined as the Koch brothers, the Tea Party, the Ferguson police force. And the gravest threat to civilization is global warming/ global freezing/climate change — in short: the weather.
Too true. Obama and the progressive hive subscribe to a montage of beliefs, attitudes and prejudices that is so staggeringly wrong-headed, so utterly at odds with empirical historical evidence, so deleterious to the preservation of both order and liberty that one’s mind simply reels.

I’m currently reading a series of novels by Blake Crouch (the Wayward Pines trilogy) in which a defect in the human genome has led to a relatively rapid form of devolution, the regression of man to a state of pre-human intelligence and animal savagery. Only a tiny remnant of human beings has survived, the people living in a small town in a rural area behind the dubious security of a 20-ft. high electrified fence. This is looking less and less like a work of highly imaginative fiction and more like a display of prescience every day – particularly with respect to what appears to be a decline in average overall intelligence, most strikingly (perhaps because of the exposure they get courtesy of the news media) in the members of our ruling class. Do I exaggerate? Maybe a little. But let me ask you this question: does, say, Joe Biden really impress you as someone who is a great many steps removed from a hooting lower primate who grooms his fellows one minute and hurls feces at strangers the next?

Ah, well. Perhaps a few hours at the firing range will restore my equanimity.


rinardman said...

...does, say, Joe Biden really impress you as someone who is a great many steps removed from a hooting lower primate...

If you mean steps *below* a hooting lower primate, I'd say yes.

Michael Lonie said...

That's an insult to howling lower primates Paco. No chimpanzee would do to its own social group what the Democrats/Progressives/Liberals/Idiots did to Detroit.

Deborah said...

The appeaserati don't realize that their deaths are as assured as those who are being slaughtered. They are unable to see that their course will lead to the free world being the ash heap. Those that proclaim their love for peace but state war weariness, war is not the answer, etc had better get the stomach for the action that must come. The action must be swift and clear to eradicate terrorists under whichever name they pose and wherever the act. They should view prior responses such as "Blackjack" Pershing's.

RebeccaH said...

At this point, I'd take even Joe Biden in the White House over the walking calculator that's in there now.