Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Best duty caliber

Is it the 9mm Luger? This report strongly suggests so.

An interesting read, whether you ultimately agree with the main conclusion or not (H/T: Ace).


Anonymous said...

Having fun restoring a century-old Luger here:

(Didn't know they were that old).

Mikael said...

OT (or maybe not so much) Why is Eric Holder thrown under the bus?

Paco said...

Mikael: He's one of the least popular people in the administration, and his contempt citation just turned out to be too much baggage in an election year.

Steve Burri said...

Here's another interesting study... done on actual bodies.

Mikael said...

Paco: Thanks. Yeah, I thought it might be something like that.
I know Obama got a pretty big bus, but I didn't think Holder would fit under it.