Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fairfax County wildlife getting wilder all the time

About a year ago, as we were getting ready to turn in, Mrs.Paco and I heard an unusual noise coming from outside, a sort of raspy, yowling whine. We looked at each other quizzically, and said, more or less simultaneously, "Was that a cat?" The sound did put me in mind of a cat, but not your basic Tom. We didn't think much about it until a couple of days later, when we began getting emails from the neighborhood association about a couple of cougar sightings. I figured, "Nah, maybe a bobcat, but surely not a cougar."

And now I see this: "There have been two reports of early morning sightings of a large cat - possibly a cougar - near a Fairfax County elementary school."

Guess I'll have to start packing heat on my neighborhood walks.


JeffS said...

Good idea. I suggest a minimum caliber of .40

Paco said...

Definitely. Anything smaller might just make him mad.

mojo said...

"Well. You're a BIG kitty, aren't you? Yes you are..."
-- John Candy, "Volunteers"

mojo said...

"Trapped in a tiger trap by a tiger. How embarrassing."
-- John Candy, again

bruce said...

But it's your back where you need to watch. In leopard country they always walk with dogs. A predator-sensing dog would be a good investment.