Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Interpreting the president's speech

Stephen Green once again drunkblogs Obama's rambling prose.

Perhaps the most irritating of Obama's comments was the announcement that ISIL is not Islamic (presumably they are secret snake-handling Pentecostals).

If you can't, or won't, identify your enemy, how are you going to defeat him?


Michael Lonie said...

Obumbler has no intention of defeating ISIL>He will turn it into a manageable problem in the hopes that the American people will forget about his bungling. Why not? The other day he looked an interviewer straight in the eye and lied that he had not called ISIL the JVs of terrorism. The TV guy, leftist to the core, let him get away with it.

Obumbler thinks the voters are morons. After all, they voted him into the presidential office twice. QED.

bruce said...

All these armchair experts on what is or isn't islamic. Reminds me of Professor Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory claiming to know more about what is Hinduism than an actual Hindu.

Who says foreign religions have to make sense? It's whatever they say it is!

rinardman said...

Now that Obo the Clown has outed them, I expect al-Baghdadi to release a internet video admitting they don’t really follow islam, they just like to kill people, and islam was a handy excuse.

Followed by a thank you letter to Obo, for "clearing that up!"

Robert of Wood said...

Obomber: "We ill be working with a friends and allies"

Ha, he doesn't have any; he's even pissed-off Canada.

BTW Canada already is supporting the Kurds. Our foreign minister went there last week.

mojo said...

Yeah, the vaunted EU army will be right in there. Turkey, too.

Uh huh.

RebeccaH said...

There will be no coalition this time to defeat ISIL (or ISIS, or jihadi jerkwads, or whatever), because nobody trusts Obama to stick with it or even come up with an adequate plan. I think everybody recognizes at this point that asking Obama to save you from drowning is akin to asking him to throw you an anchor.

Veeshir said...

Another operation he can call, "Operation Looking As If I'm Doing Something"

He's not going to do crap.
He just wants to be able to say he's doing something.

Michael Lonie said...

I like "jihadi jerkwads" to describe our enemies. It's catchy and more accurate than most phrases for them.

Mikael said...

That's right Robert. What friends?

Well except for the Danish Foreign Minister who - with much bravado - concurred that Islamic State is not Islamic.

We are in the very best of hands. You can all sleep peacefully now.