Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Quite a lull, there, professor

Andrew Bolt points to a paper by professor Ross McKitrick that indicates global warming has been on a 19-year hiatus.

The real plus from reading this article is that I learned a new word: heteroskedasticity. Next week maybe I’ll try to work it into a conversation...

Liberal friend: Paco, you old moss back, surely you can see that the socio-economic trend in our society leads inexorably to socialism?

Me: Oh, I dunno, my dear old Bolshevik, if you look at the data subpopulations, that so-called trend of yours looks a bit heteroskedasticious, wouldn’t you say?

Liberal friend: Er…Hey, try one of these macaroons. Positively delicious!

Me: M’y-e-s. Very good, very good,indeed.


rinardman said...

I thought heteroskedasticity was what made straight men nervous, in the presence of gay men.

Minicapt said...

"Heteroskedasticity" means no homoskedasticity. Thus straight be safe.


JeffS said...

"Heteroskedasticity" sounds like a really cheap brand of hooch.