Monday, October 13, 2014


Did the Obama administration know well beforehand that we were facing an outbreak of Enterovirus D68 as a result of the anticipated increase in illegal immigration from Central America?

An interesting warning about the government's capacity for abusing its power from a guy who's in a position to know.

Few groups have the ability to make liberals' heads explode the way the NRA does: the L.A. Times blames the NRA for Ebola.

North Carolina State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler seems to think his personal opinion outweighs the law, at least when it comes to concealed carry. Bob Owens isn't having it.

The BBC seeks out... Iowahawk(!)

ISIS, Ebola, hordes of illegal immigrants, Russian imperialism. How comforting that our Secretary of State is still focused on - you guessed it! - climate change.

Some of Wendy Davis's best friends are confined to wheelchairs.

President Obama continues to train for second career after leaving White House.

Dumb and dumber...


RebeccaH said...

Reading things like that business about the Obama administration and enterovirus is not good for my heart.

Gregoryno6 said...

Because climate change is the key to EVERYTHING. Deal with climate change and all those other problems will disappear. You'll also have a greatly improved sex life and there'll always be a place to park near the door when you go shopping.
John Kerry understands that, Paco. Why don't you?

Paco said...

Just dense, I guess.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Hagel was in Peru (?) over the weekend telling a bunch of American nations that they have to prepare their armed forces to fight global warming.

Like, doesn't he, and Kerry, have rather more pressing matters?

Veeshir said...

I don't think the enterovirus is from illegal aliens.

It's in 46 states, not in Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada and Arizone.

Not sure about the other three, but AZ surely has a plethora of illegal aliens so if they were causing it, it would be here.

Robert of Ottawa said...

The sad fact is that, putting Obomber's ideological intent aside, these messes can be put down to a complete absence of Executive Ability or Experience.

Steve at the Pub said...

NRA to blame for Ebola getting loose in the USA?

This LA Times, it'd claim to be a serious newspaper?
Like I mean to say, it ain't the National Enquirer or something?

Paco said...

Steve: No, the National Enquirer occasionally gets things right.

Veeshir: That could depend on the origin of the illegals and how fast they got distributed around the country. But you raise a good point.

Bob Belvedere said...

Veeshir: here is the official distribution of the illegal children list:

As you can see, it is widespread - and this is just the official HHS list.

RebeccaH said...

It's possible they shipped the sick ones out first, so that people couldn't say, look it's in Arizona.