Thursday, October 16, 2014

If we can’t impeach him…

…maybe we can quarantine him.


bruce said...

Now you're talking.

Confined at the people's pleasure, heck they can fence off his favourite golf course and he can stay there until such time as...

Send out an invite to all his close supporters, then wall them in with him, temporarily of course.

Yeah quarantine.

bruce said...

'Mr President, we need to isolate you to protect you from the pullulating diseased masses'.

(No spellcheck, I do not mean 'stipulating,
or copulating.')

Anonymous said...

Lock Obama away from humanity; and the key thrown away.
For the sake of the children.


bruce said...

Seriously -
Y'know I'm angry at the way they throw the nurses into the front line unprepared then blame them. Nurses are my heroes. Damn the bureaucrats to hell.