Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paul Krugman: Au contraire! Obama is quite the success story

Paul Krugman rolls up his sleeves, throws himself at the Augean stables, and emerges covered in horse shit .

Take just one topic: the economy. Does this look like success to you?

And if the guy’s been so successful, why are Democratic candidates treating him like he has Ebola? Why do a majority of Americans now consider him a flop?

When even the floptastic grandee of Georgia goobery starts to look statesmanlike next to Obama, the word “success” should be on no one’s lips as a descriptive term applicable to the present administration.


bruce said...

Brainwashed cult followers always say that about their leader.

rinardman said...

Once all depends on how you define "success".

In his own mind, Obo probably considers himself the very model of a successful president.

rinardman said...

And BTW, I started reading that Krugman "piece", but had to stop, as I could actually feel my IQ dropping as I read.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Oh please, Paco, I couldn't get beyond Krugman's first paragraph

RebeccaH said...

I try to avoid anything written by, or about, Krugman. Horse shit, you know.

Paco said...

It is the most horrible drivel.