Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday funnies

We're one step closer to the world of The Matrix.

Take a note...

Hostile witness: "Cockroach disrupts pest control chief's testimony".

They didn't ask me! "America says no to cappuccino potato chips".

Let's talk about Vespas (from the amusing site, Stuff White People Like).

Air New Zealand's truly epic safety video.


JeffS said...

Looks like they had fun making that safety video!

bruce said...

The Matrix was made in Sydney y'know and us Sydneysiders recognise the locations and even some side actors who are in local melodramas. I even watched the helicopter do some of the aerial shots for outside buildings back then.

As the rest was like my dreams, it's kind of a home movie...

So now they have human battery power? Aaaah (screams).

Robert of Ottawa said...

Despite all the protests a year ago about corruption and the ruling class, Brazilians re-elect the same Worker's Party government. So much for Change. This just demonstrates to wrongness of obligatory voting and proportional representation.

Use Google Translate

Minicapt said...


Quite so.