Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP tramples Obama

The Republicans have won the Senate, and have scored amazing victories in many state races, as well (even here in Virginia, Republican senatorial candidate Ed Gillespie has made a strong showing, although I imagine when they finish counting the votes in Occupied Territory, Warner will probably come out ahead).

I expect that before too long, this victory will start to make a sadly familiar hollow sound, but I intend to enjoy it today, at any rate.

A quick roundup from around the blogosphere:

Prelude to danger.

Democrats repudiated in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.

Unions crap out again in Wisconsin.

Mia Love is first black Republican woman elected to Congress.

Just sayin': 27 senators who supported ObamaCare are gone.

Image courtesy of Brian on Twitter.


rinardman said...

Having a new governor in Illinois just means the old one can start his prison sentence sooner.

Gregoryno6 said...

Over at Tim Blair's, Bennoba put it very nicely indeed.
It’s good news for anyone who has had enough of Chicago Jesus.

RebeccaH said...

It IS good news, and (cough) congrats (cough) to the Republicans. No doubt we'll be complaining about them soon enough, but at least it's a step in the right direction.

rinardman said...

I just had to go see what the people who have their finger on the pulse of average Americans has to say. Can you guess where I went?

"Stunning ignorance at the polling place."

"We need a new Democratic Party, that much is clear."

"Democrats lost because they weren't progressive enough."

"F*** Republicans! And f*** the f***ers who vote for these f***ers!"

They seem upset.

RebeccaH said...

You know what's the brightest spot in all this? Hillary Clinton's campaign for Dems just took a massive hit. It has become a lot more possible she won't be the Dems' nomination in 2016. Maybe they'll pick Genius Joe Biden, or Fauxcahontas Warren instead.

Old Sailor Man said...

BZ is the navy signal code for "Well Done" and it has nothing to do with steak!
This old Australian sends a hearty BZ to Uncle Sam for the election result. I believe that a healthy, strong and well governed United States is vital to the continued safety of Western Civilisation; yesterday's results surely signal that your great country still has what it takes.

Paco said...

Thanks, OSM. I hope we don't blow it.

Old Sailor Man said...

You and all other people of goodwill,Paco.
I was born in February '42, a month right up there in any list of Most Dangerous Months in the History of Civilisation*.
I think the next two years might rate very highly in the Most Dangerous Years list, which causes me to see your 2016 election as the most important in my lifetime.

*My old man (in heavy cruiser HMAS Australia) helped the USN take real heat off Oz at the Coral Sea, and in a second posting to the same ship he was at the Philippine landings. He remained for all his long life (89) very pro-American. I was proud indeed a few days ago to wear his medals at a memorial ceremony marking the Leyte 70th anniversary.