Monday, November 24, 2014

The news doctor takes steps to protect patients from an attack of the vapors

The New York Times deep-sixed some of John Kerry’s comments on the recent terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, apparently finding them insufficiently nuanced for easy consumption by the paper’s progressive clientele.


Jonah said...

The lights flicker
Hammers pound
Men in hard hats
Hustle 'round
Day and night they toil
Eternal and grim
Ministry of Truth.

Electrodes are zapping
Like Frankenstein's lair
They torture the language
It's scream fills the air
Joyfully angry
They must teach the youth
Whatever the prob it's
The fault of the Jooth! (sorry)

Veeshir said...

They are no longer in the business of providing information, they provide affirmation.

RebeccaH said...

That particular crowd is beyond all reason and hope anyway, so who cares what they think, as long as we can keep them contained in their little bubbles.