Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanks for giving us a heads up, Jeb

As tough guy actor Mike Mazurki said in The Horn Blows at Midnight, "If only I hadda knew!" Jeb Bush says "he will not pander to his party’s conservative base in the primaries."

You know what else he said? "Republican candidates must be willing to 'lose the primary to win the general, without violating your principles.'”

Well, Jeb, I've got a couple of problems with that. In the first place, you RINOs always expect the conservative candidates to back down in the primaries, not the establishment toffs; in fact, you and your ilk have been known to torpedo conservative rivals, using the kind of dirty tricks one normally associates with Democrats (remember Chris McDaniel?). Secondly, a number of Republican establishmentarians barely squeaked by in the elections this year, and Karl Rove shut down one of his PACs due to its anemic performance in heaving GOP time servers into office. So we're talking about a thin market when it comes to the public demand for politicians whose main asset is the ability to work and play well with Democrats (who routinely steal their lunch anyway).

And frankly, I'd be scared that you really might not violate your principles - which, as far as I can tell, are centered on Common Core, amnesty, and that bitch-goddess of vaporish seat warmers everywhere, "pragmatism".

Anyhow, I'm perfectly willing for you to "lose the primary", as you might put it, even if it also means losing the general, because people like you are nothing but teeth in the wheel of the progressive ratchet.

Again, thank you for your transparency.


Michael Lonie said...

"Republican candidates must be willing to 'lose the primary to win the general, without violating your principles.'”

If you lose the primary, you are not likely to be on the ballot for the general election. Perhaps this escaped Jeb's notice, what with all the "principled" thoughts he thinks about amnesty and other ways to dump on the GOP's base.

bruce said...

People keep saying we have to change to win, and the whizz-kids are supposedly experts in all the demographics which guarantee success (and get the candidate's ear) but Iowahawk notes how badly these budding whizz-kids got it wrong:

Anonymous said...

I have two thoughts on little brother Jeb.

Jeb has misread the last election. It was a sharp rejection of Obama and big government not an endorsement of Republicans. Republicans were the only other option: the lesser of two weevils. They have yet to prove themselves - and people are watching closely.

An alliance of Progr4essive billionaires and Obama's constant fund raising couldn't buy the last election with all of their huge amounts of money and constant media shilling. Jeb and his monied establishment old-thinking cronies will not be able to buy an election either.

JeffS said...

We must not prolong the Bush Dynasty. And we damned sure do not need the likes of Jeb in office, be he a Bush or a Clinton.

rinardman said...

I don't understand the GOP's fascination with eunuchs. Shirley they find one potential candidate with balls?

Even if it's Sarah Palin.

RebeccaH said...

Jeb Bush looks like a big, mushy teddybear. If he ever got to be president (which I don't think will happen before hell freezes over), the Democrats would eat him for breakfast and pick their teeth with his bones.

Minicapt said...

It's the NYTimes, and they're doing their battlefield prep in anticipation of a NYT Republican endorsement in Jan 2016. Then he will qualify as a Republican target.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

America needs another RINO Bush to secure the hereditary oligarchy. Then we can have Chelsea Clinton and one of the Obomber girls! Yes! Fine idea!