Thursday, January 29, 2015

Assortment (“Smart Power” edition)

William Kristol opines on the underlying reasons for Obama’s frustration with Netanyahu; and as you can well imagine, the reasons are rooted in the vainglorious political fantasies of our own would-be monarch.

Here’s an interesting “coincidence”: Netanyahu’s political opposition is being counseled by former Obama campaign operatives (oh, and thank you, Mr. and Mrs. American Taxpayer!)

By the way, Barry’s new BFFs in Iran would like to assassinate Netanyahu’s children.

Apparently Raul Castro is more interested in humiliating Obama than in agreeing to compromises that might weaken the communist government’s grip on its own people. Of course, with Barry, you never know; he is so hungry for something - anything - to create the illusion of a foreign policy success, that he might actually be willing to choke down a super-sized shit sandwich at the Castro Bros. Café if they’ll simply give in and let him capitulate.

When is a terrorist not a terrorist, but merely an “armed insurgent”? Whenever the distinction is required in order for a White House spokesdoof to explain the inexplicable, that’s when.

Yemen was, not long ago, Obama’s Exhibit A for the validity of his foreign policy approach to tense situations in the Middle East. Guess this is yet another thing that has disappeared from the evidence room.


rinardman said...

What, exactly, is Smart Power's IQ?

It may have a lower IQ, but how about trying Common Sense Power?

bruce said...

"Change in Israel"?

Israel was a very leftist nation at its founding with all the Kibbutzs and western intellectuals etc. And its 'left' remains very strong, my Israeli friend is one. (I think he just doesn't realise how perverse the world has become)

But of all leftists now they would be the most realistic, they see the results of stupidity. In fact Obama's people should be learning from THEM. Anyway talking leftism to Israel is like coals to Newcastle, very stupid.