Thursday, January 22, 2015

At least President Obama’s foreign policy seems to be working in Yemen

Oh, wait.

Elsewhere, President Petulance has already signaled his refusal to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when the latter addresses a joint session of Congress in March (and I am stating the obvious when I say that Netanyahu’s remarks are bound to be more interesting, insightful and honest than the president’s encomium to his own worthless self that he delivered under the rubric of a State of the Union speech).

Update: Haw! “President Snit-For-Brains”.


Robert of Ottawa said...


RebeccaH said...

World leaders must shake their heads in disbelief when they behold our Pouter-In-Chief.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Kerry in Davos explains US foreign policy:

OK, so we are fighting Anarchy, NOT Islam. But did Kerry really say:

But in the fight against "anarchy", "we have to also keep our heads",

Paco said...

Yes. Yes he did.