Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Feet Friday

So sue me; I never heard of Australian musician Andrew Winton until yesterday. The man does play a mean slide guitar, so let's ring in the new year with Numbers Down.


Robert of Ottawa said...

And the tomfoolery goes on<

It's like a No play. An imaginary threat, a fake response.

Have the FBI investigated any recently fired employees? Is it even their business to do so, as no national interest was involved/

I used to think of Obomber as malevolent, but maybe now I can add so-smart-he's-stupid.

I'm so smarty
I'm so smarty
I'm so smarty for my pants
I give a little talk on the 'prompter
.. on the teleprompter
I'm so smarty
too smarty for your rants

I'll do what I wanty
do what I wanty
I'll do what I wanty when I want
I need no other
I need no congress
'Cos I'm so smarty I do what I wanty

Zardoz said...

Wow, I give him two thumbs up--way up.

bruce said...

Cool. West Australians think they are part of Australia but we usually ignore each other. At election time the result is often in before they even vote. Check out Perth, though - one of the most isolated places on earth. Wasn't Smitty based there for a time?

Robert of Ottawa said...

Tomorrow`s news today:

Rather than re4port what he said, they report what he will say. With hard edged reporting like this, it's hardly surprising they are just a lacky propaganda tool.

missred said...

My favourite aussie band at the moment: